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The Farmhouse fire, the loss of a loved one.
From sadness & loss to Dreams, Desires, and opportunity
and progress toward Development.

The following images on these pages were taken with a Sony DSC-S85 4.2 Megpix Digital Camera, The photos are of our farm in Michigan where I was born and raised. January 28, 2004, the farm house burned, my Dad died, he was in the house when the fire broke. DNA testing was needed to positively ID the body. My dad was 89 years old, he live a long and somewhat fruitful life but he died alone, recluse and without his family.

Where there is an ending, there can also be a beginning. Where there is absents and loss there can also be opportunity.

This site is not about the death of my dad or the losses suffered but about life and opportunity. Needing to begin the settling of the Estate I returned to my childhood home where I had lived for over 27 years. As I was going through what was left to the big ol farm house I was saddened by the losses, flooded with memories of both the past & present and realizing additional losses as well for much of my personal things were left in Michigan when I moved to Florida, feeling that one day I would return home to the farm.

During the 45 days I was up north on the farm I was able to re-acclimate to the land of my childhood. As I walked and traveled the 106 acre farm again and again, I was discovering that it was developing wonderfully, naturally. My dad had done little with the land during the past 10 or so years of his life, he was getting to old to manage it. The land is ready, it is prime, bushy, untamed, natural.

As I walked the farm, through the pastures, past the swamps, around the ponds, into and out of the woods I was finding peace. During those time this past February/March 2004, both with snow on the ground and with no snow, with cold days and warm days, during the work of taking down the house and days of rest, I was realizing I wanted to come home, home to the farm, to the land of my childhood.  During those days the Lord began revealing to me opportunities at hand and rekindling dreams I had had about ways I could help folks come to know the Lord.  The Lord had opened my heart to a grand opportunity.

That opportunity was the development of the farm, developing the Estate for the Kingdom of God, To create a private resort, a retreat, a retreat based on Christian principles & values with camping, camping for all seasons, a vineyard, gardens, gardens for offering fresh vegetables to the guests, a recreation center, a social hall, fishing ponds, Ice skating, nature trails, horseback riding. To farm Rest, Relaxation, and Restoration, where folks can vacation and come to know the Lord. Bible studies and Church for the guest as well. I feel that this is what to Lord has shown me, an opportunity, a Christian retreat

I can not do this alone. This is long term and hard work. I have the land, the dream, the desire. I am also looking for others that may share in this opportunity from the Lord. We are looking for Investors, Christian Investors. Also R.I.P. paw... David

Following are Images of the loss, the work, the farm

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The House Fire of January 2004

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Taking down the house

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The house is in a pile, photo looking East (Image is 556kb)

Taking down the house Digging & Hauling Pg. 3

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The Estate, the Farm and temp Campsite

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